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Immigration: reality and perception (2010)

The debate on immigration is as heated as ever, but is mainly based on false premises and mistakenly seen as separate from the wider socio-historical context of migration. The reality of data greatly differs from the way the issue is presented by politicians and the media, and perceived by the general [...]

Immigration – short introduction (2010)

The perception of immigration and the impact it has on local economy and employment are distorted by the media and government propaganda.
The Home Office UK Border Agency site publishes constantly updated statistics. The November 2009 data show that immigration to the UK has been decreasing in recent years. 2009 has seen a reduction of [...]

Identity (2009)

Identity is a complex and delicate web, almost invisible, it takes time to create, it can withstand great stress, but severing one of its threads can make it collapse irremediably.
Local identities are precious and make up for the richness of world’s cultural diversity, essential to the vitality and continuous evolution of our societies, which depend [...]

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