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A semiotic analysis of the feature film “Holly” revealing latent Orientalism in XXIst century representations on the background of human trafficking in a globalised, post-colonial world (2011)

Abstract – page 3
Holly, film’s synopsis
1) Introduction and context – page 4
Globalisation and human trafficking
2) Literature review and theoretical framework – page 8
3) Methodology and methods – page 11
Semiology and semiotics
Time span and nature of sources
Why and how looking at a feature film
4) Findings, arguments, results – page 15
Starting points
Holly, the reality and its representation
Othering: [...]

Global multiculture: does globalisation imply cultural homogenisation? (2011)

What we are is often better defined by simple elements of daily life than deep philosophical ideas. It’s the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the way we organize our living spaces that really spell our identity, what Bourdieu (1986, 1993) calls “habitus” and “structuring structures” – how is globalisation influencing what we are?
Throughout [...]

Immigration – short introduction (2010)

The perception of immigration and the impact it has on local economy and employment are distorted by the media and government propaganda.
The Home Office UK Border Agency site publishes constantly updated statistics. The November 2009 data show that immigration to the UK has been decreasing in recent years. 2009 has seen a reduction of [...]

Us and the “others” (2010)

Do scientific formulations of ‘racial difference’ continue to circulate?
The perception of the “sources of truth” shifts with time. The concept of “race” was originally based on scientific reasoning that, in the age of Enlightenment, when science was replacing religion in the minds of people, made it plausible and justified slavery.
Over a century after the abolition [...]

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