Curriculum Vitae (2014)


I am a senior digital interactive producer and team leader who has worked with major NGOs and corporations (World Bank, BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, DFID Department for International Development, G8, Adam Smith International, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, FAO Food and Agricultural Organisation, ILO/BIT International Labour Organisation, Interim Iraqi Government, Palestinian Authority, European Union, FIAT – Agnelli Foundation, English National Opera, Trade Union Council)

My experience combines a creative approach, developed in years of musical, photographic and video productions, with technical competence acquired producing and managing complex interactive multimedia and on-line projects involving international teams chosen and managed by myself.
 My work coincides with my personal interests, as a result I am as enthusiastic about it now as I was at the beginning of my career. I treasure quality, taking responsibility and ownership of all projects I work at.

I have the proven ability to coordinate the work of professionals in a wide range of creative and technical fields, my practical experience allows me to better understand and communicate with them, making the best of each one’s abilities.
 Being accurate and meticulous, paying attention to detail while never losing sight of the bigger picture, has enabled me to work at multi-million dollar projects always making the best possible use of resources.

I am a natural multi-tasker and have often juggled several projects simultaneously, sometimes remotely coordinating the work of content producers and developers, always enjoying the challenge. 
Finding simple solutions to complex problems, even in conflict situations, is something that gives me great satisfaction. I enjoy initiating processes that can evolve and change over time.

I have always worked with a foot in the future.

The first video work I did was with black and white open reel tape systems in 1981 at the International Labour Organisation.  
In 1986 I was part of the team that produced the first true interactive multimedia product  made in Europe: a videodisc encyclopaedia for the Fondazione Agnelli/FIAT.
 In 1996 I produced one of the first web sites including 3D animation and sound with a small team at Liquid Light. 
In 2001 I took part in the first UK large scale experiment of live performance involving artists interacting remotely with each other’s virtual projection, with the combined result being broadcast live on the web as streaming video at the Middlesex University. 

I like to be there first and pave the way experimenting new tools, methods and ideas, looking to the future with a knowledge and understanding of the past.


Besides my interests in the visual arts, music, literature, photography and cinema, I am passionate about world cultures, crafts, antiques, architecture and languages. I have a strong interest in the environment and green technologies. I love traveling and mixing with people of all kinds and feel strongly about human rights and the fostering of peaceful, positive development.

I play guitar and electronics with various ensembles and organise music events, often in the context of visual art events and also wrote, filmed and edited a series of independent video documentaries on music and musicians, in Cuba, Senegal, Gambia and the UK.
I will continue developing my experience, combining video and the web, social networking and the use of mobile devices, and discovering what comes next. 

I wish to apply this experience to international development work, combining video and the web, social networking and mobile devices, to foster communication, education and the free flow of information.


Master in Globalisation, Ethnicity and Culture at Birkbeck University, London 2010-2011.
Training in journalism and video production at the BBC, London 2006-2009
Diploma in Audiovisual Communication from the Laval University of Quebec at the International Labour Organisation of the UN, Turin, 1982
Diploma in Photography and Communication at Balbis Institute, Turin 1975
Various professional training courses.


Italian (mother language), English (main working language), French and Spanish (fluent), basic knowledge of various other languages.

Work experience in international context

My first experience in producing photographic and video documentaries on global development issues was at the International Labour Organisation of the United Nations in the early ‘80s. That set the pace of my career, bringing me in contact with realities and people from around the world, and providing me with precious skills in dealing with complex multicultural issues.
Following the ILO experience I was called in to produce documentation for conferences and project reports for the ILO in Geneva and the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome.

From 2000 to 2005 I worked on several assignments with Adam Smith International, in London, as a multimedia consultant. My role was to design the multimedia aspects of large projects, choosing and managing designers and developers, translating the content produced by ASI and their collaborators into web, CD Rom and print products, liaising with content producers and the client, coordinating the phases and elements of production.
These projects included a CD Rom on the balance on armaments in the Middle East, a web site and on-line communication system for the Palestinian Authority, a web, CD Rom and print toolkit on privatisation of public enterprises for the World Bank and the basis of an on-line communication system for the Interim Iraqi Government. 
Remotely coordinating the work of all involved required skilful coordination and use of the appropriate technologies.
Despite the obvious challenges due to the nature of the subjects and context all these were delivered in time and to the satisfaction of the clients.
Most of these assignments involved dealing with government officers and mediating between policy makers and content producers.

In 2011-12 I developed with IBIS Transport Consultants two mixed media interactive toolkits on Intelligent Transport Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa for the World Bank .

In 2013 I started the development of a web site and on-line virtual environment, including a series of interactive tools, for mentors and young entrepreneurs in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and Yemen, a long term project managed by Adam Smith International for DFID.

The World Bank toolkits are being used around the world by government officials, the on-line systems for the Palestinian Authority and the Iraqi Government were the foundation for subsequent local developments.

Work experience in Education

Starting as a photography tutor at the S. Carlo Professional Institute in Turin and a Youth Club in London (1978-79), I then spent three years (1980-83) at the International Labour Organisation of the United Nations developing a series of courses on the use of audiovisual aids in teaching and training for teachers from developing countries. These were modular and portable courses and materials, tailored to the needs and culture of the intended audience in different parts of the world.
 The courses and workshops were run in English, French and Spanish with mixed groups from all continents.

From 1987 to 1990 I was the media resources coordinator at the Working Men’s College in London, where I designed and set up a support unit producing teaching materials and supplying resources to the lecturers. I also created a very early incarnation of a digital visual production unit, based on the first multimedia computers available by Apple, also training the lecturers in the use of publishing and graphic software. The College was left with a very efficient AV lab that was truly ahead of times.
In the same period I also worked at the London College of Fashion producing photographic and video documentation of the students’ work and the fashion shows.

From 1992 to 1995 I developed the computer graphics and publishing courses for a new department of the European Institute of Design in Turin. The courses, on which I was also one of the main lecturers, were a success and greatly increased the popularity of the institute and the number of students.
In the same period I also lectured in a series of workshops at Apple. 
From 2000 to 2008 I worked in a similar position at the Barnet College in London, developing a new courses (BTEC and Foundation) and lecturing multimedia and digital video, expanding the activities and students base of the College.
I also had the same role at the SAE School of Audio Engineering Institute in London, in 2002 – 2003.

Work experience in interactive/digital media

In 1985-86 I was part of the team that produced the first large scale interactive product in Europe, a Videodisc encyclopaedia on Italy at the Fondazione Agnelli. My role was to choose all the visual content to illustrate the sections written by various contributors, liaising with them and the image providers, selecting and archiving the images, supervising the process of digitalisation, coordinating the production team.
This was a pioneering project that required overcoming considerable obstacles, the final result was an example for many interactive products to follow.

In 1992 I was director of multimedia in one of the first companies of its kind in Italy, Multimedia Italia. Our work was based on untested technologies and new methodologies, and every day required inventing new solutions and educating the clients.

In 1995, after a series of consultancies for various clients in Italy, I briefly worked as interactive designer with New Media, a multimedia company in London, before setting up with two colleagues our own interactive design company, Liquid Light, where I worked until 1997. 
Liquid Light was at the forefront of interactive design technology and creativity and we managed some impressive projects for clients such as IBM and Microsoft and produced some early websites, among the first to include animation, video and sound ever produced in the UK.
Liquid Light is still going strong in the hands of the other two original founders and I occasionally collaborate with them, like in the production of a website and multilingual on-line communication system for the African Development Bank in 2009.

From 1997 to 2006 I worked as freelancer, designing producing and managing projects such as an interactive toolkit for ETUCO (European Trade Union Organisation) to provide common tools to trainers across Europe; a website and networking system for practitioners in international development for Creative Xchange; an on-line journal with advanced interactive features and several media rich mini-sites illustrating the work of associated artist at ResCen, (the Research Centre for Performing Arts of the Middlesex University), for whom I was also technical coordination for the Cellbytes project, setting up two networked performance spaces where 24 artists developed a performance over 10 days during which the artist’s work in progress in one room was filmed on video and fed live via the network to projectors in the second space and vice versa. The artists in each space interacted with each other’s projected image, the resulting video was then digitally manipulated and streamed live on the web, another first of its kind project.

From 2006 to 2009 I worked at BBC Radio 3 interactive, where I was part of the team developing and maintaining Radio 3’s website and where I set up a digital video production unit and trained their personnel. I produced a series of video documentaries on live events, world music and musicians and set up a YouTube channel where I published around 200 short movies we produced in 2008-09.
I was also part of the syndication research team, in charge of exploring ways to use social networking (twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube, audioboo etc) to reach and interact with a wider audience, which enabled me to explore the fast developing area of social networking and on-line cooperation. I periodically return to the BBC coordinating interactive projects and participating in the development of activities that bridge live and on-line interaction with the public in relation to live events and radio and television broadcasts.

In 2010-11 I worked at the development of on-line communication, social networking and the production of video and photographic documentation for the English National Opera, where I often returned to work on specific productions.

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