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Mafia in London (1995)

The guy wouldn’t want to say anything on the telephone, so we arranged to meet at the Caffè Italia in Soho. We were sipping our expressos when a big bloke with a shrunken suit tapped on our shoulders and showed us out with a nod of his bald head. The barman nodded too, meaning that [...]

The virus (1989)

It had been a very hard winter, and then an even harder spring, not to mention the summer. No one felt nostalgic for the land that we had left, yet the object of our quest appeared to be further and further away; some felt discouraged despite the faith in the team strength and the wish [...]

The garden in my mind (1988)

Voice over text for a short movie.
At the first touch the branch is severed, an instant ago it was one with the mother plant, now it lays among the grasses, shrouded in total indifference.
And how much justice is in that indifference! Impeccable, incorruptible, unequivocal, unavoidable……. iniquitously eternal.
I will compose minute gardens of pebbles and twigs; [...]

Paint a picture of connectedness… (2004)

Violence and abuse derive from fear of the different, fear derives from ignorance, remove ignorance and you are step closer to security.
Artists influence society, they don’t have a direct visible and immediate impact but the result of their work has long-term influence and is essential to society’s evolution.
People ignore how similar they are, irrespective of [...]

I want to be still (2003)

I want to be still and run and listen to the silence and the subtle hiss of the air in the grass and the rustling of the leaves and the rhythm of the waves and the ripples of the water on the stones and I want to dive off the edge of the rock and [...]

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