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After the earthquake

Rebuilding after the earthquake

La valigia dimenticata (2014)

Ho trovato a casa di mio fratello una valigia piena di lettere. Lettere indirizzate a me e datate dal 1971 al 1981, provenienti da una quarantina di persone differenti.
A parte poche di queste persone che conosco bene e con le quali sono ancora in contatto, più o meno frequente, molte sono completamente scomparse dalla mia [...]

Baby New York (1963-2013)

It’s in the Upper Bay, on the western shore of the Hudson, two straight parallel piers sticking out of Bayonne, just north of the tip of Staten Island.
It’s nothing particularly charming, actually, it’s a drab flat concrete expanse littered with low warehouses, junk and rows after rows of shipping containers, the least glamorous face of [...]

Baby Love 1967 (2013)

It must have been 1967, I was about eight, one of my best friends at school was Agostino, probably the only kid in the class that wasn’t from a working class family, I can’t remember what his father did, architect or some other “important” profession.
One day after school Agostino invited me to play at his [...]

Baby Love 1961 (2013)

It must have been 1961, I was five and my mum used to take me with her to the market. I remember the few blocks we had to walk as if it was today, I could walk them with my eyes closed. If the streets were like they used to be, that is. We had [...]

Compulsory happiness (2008)

I go into a shop, an obnoxious demented happy-holiday-merry-christmas tune is playing on an infinite loop and truly gets on my nerves. How can they bear it?
As I am about to run from the shop I notice a happy shopper tapping his foot to the tune, and another one nodding her head on tempo, and [...]

Imperfections, antiques, photography, beautiful women, iPhone apps… (2011)

Now, what have all of these in common?
Well, let’s take it from a distance. Perfection is boring. If asked most would probably say they strive for perfection, they desire it, they want it. Yet, when face to face with something or someone close to perfect our reaction is generally of immediate but very superficial and [...]

The box and the mouse (2011)

In 1983 I was working at the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome, I needed a set of slides for a conference and I wanted them computer generated. After much complaining and claiming I wanted the impossible, the technicians at FAO took three days to produce a few colour slides working at a DEC VAX [...]

Teaching in the UK (2009)

Since education in the UK and the way it shapes young people’s mentality came up repeatedly in our class discussions I thought I should share my experience of 8 years lecturing young people in the UK.
It is the limited experience of one individual and some 350 students only, but it’s still better than those cosmetics [...]

Post ‘68 (2009)

Thinking of the last point/question in Yasmeen’s presentation, and of some of the comments made in class, I realised I am the only one in the group who was born in the 50s and was around while the radical changes of the post-68 where happening, so I’d like to share a personal direct experience.
Sexuality was [...]

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