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L’Associazione Lumi ha organizzato un incontro-dibattito sul tema “Come Ricostruire la Comunità dopo il Terremoto?” affrontando il concetto di ricostruzione non solo edilizia, ma della comunità, della sua cultura e della sua economia.
Lumi è un’associazione no-profit [...]

After the earthquake

Rebuilding after the earthquake

Israel-Palestine: with us or against us? Neither, thank you (2014)

The world isn’t black and white. Those who demand of you to be “with us or against us” start on the wrong foot.
In the current escalation (July 2014) of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict I often get accused by one side or the other to be taking the opposite side. That is one of the keys: [...]

So you are alive, but do you also exist? (2014)

I haste to declare that I jot down these notes in drunken stupor, so I beg the reader’s forgiveness for any odd sounding or potentially offensive verb. However, do believe the content of my words, it is genuine and verifiable. Besides, don’t blame me, but a country where a bottle of reasonably good, unsophisticated, additive-free [...]

Attenti al lupo! (2014)

Ieri un’amica mi ha detto “ma lo sai che un mio amico mi ha detto che ha letto che in Inghilterra ormai i musulmani sono più del 50 %?!!”
Al che ho cortesemente detto alla mia amica che il suo amico probabilmente aveva letto male e non si era curato di pensare prima e controllare poi. [...]

La valigia dimenticata (2014)

Ho trovato a casa di mio fratello una valigia piena di lettere. Lettere indirizzate a me e datate dal 1971 al 1981, provenienti da una quarantina di persone differenti.
A parte poche di queste persone che conosco bene e con le quali sono ancora in contatto, più o meno frequente, molte sono completamente scomparse dalla mia [...]

A semiotic analysis of the feature film “Holly” revealing latent Orientalism in XXIst century representations on the background of human trafficking in a globalised, post-colonial world (2011)

Abstract – page 3
Holly, film’s synopsis
1) Introduction and context – page 4
Globalisation and human trafficking
2) Literature review and theoretical framework – page 8
3) Methodology and methods – page 11
Semiology and semiotics
Time span and nature of sources
Why and how looking at a feature film
4) Findings, arguments, results – page 15
Starting points
Holly, the reality and its representation
Othering: [...]

Imperfections, antiques, photography, beautiful women, iPhone apps… (2011)

Now, what have all of these in common?
Well, let’s take it from a distance. Perfection is boring. If asked most would probably say they strive for perfection, they desire it, they want it. Yet, when face to face with something or someone close to perfect our reaction is generally of immediate but very superficial and [...]

Immigration: reality and perception (2010)

The debate on immigration is as heated as ever, but is mainly based on false premises and mistakenly seen as separate from the wider socio-historical context of migration. The reality of data greatly differs from the way the issue is presented by politicians and the media, and perceived by the general [...]

Paint a picture of connectedness… (2004)

Violence and abuse derive from fear of the different, fear derives from ignorance, remove ignorance and you are step closer to security.
Artists influence society, they don’t have a direct visible and immediate impact but the result of their work has long-term influence and is essential to society’s evolution.
People ignore how similar they are, irrespective of [...]

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