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Compulsory happiness (2008)

I go into a shop, an obnoxious demented happy-holiday-merry-christmas tune is playing on an infinite loop and truly gets on my nerves. How can they bear it?
As I am about to run from the shop I notice a happy shopper tapping his foot to the tune, and another one nodding her head on tempo, and [...]

A semiotic analysis of the feature film “Holly” revealing latent Orientalism in XXIst century representations on the background of human trafficking in a globalised, post-colonial world (2011)

Abstract – page 3
Holly, film’s synopsis
1) Introduction and context – page 4
Globalisation and human trafficking
2) Literature review and theoretical framework – page 8
3) Methodology and methods – page 11
Semiology and semiotics
Time span and nature of sources
Why and how looking at a feature film
4) Findings, arguments, results – page 15
Starting points
Holly, the reality and its representation
Othering: [...]

Imperfections, antiques, photography, beautiful women, iPhone apps… (2011)

Now, what have all of these in common?
Well, let’s take it from a distance. Perfection is boring. If asked most would probably say they strive for perfection, they desire it, they want it. Yet, when face to face with something or someone close to perfect our reaction is generally of immediate but very superficial and [...]

The box and the mouse (2011)

In 1983 I was working at the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome, I needed a set of slides for a conference and I wanted them computer generated. After much complaining and claiming I wanted the impossible, the technicians at FAO took three days to produce a few colour slides working at a DEC VAX [...]

The burning jeans (2007)

It was a day like any other, shortly after the July 2007 bombing in London. The underground was full and people looked as calm and self contained as they do in this country.
A few minutes into the journey a faint smell of smoke begins to be felt; people pretend nothing is wrong but glances and [...]

Global multiculture: does globalisation imply cultural homogenisation? (2011)

What we are is often better defined by simple elements of daily life than deep philosophical ideas. It’s the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the way we organize our living spaces that really spell our identity, what Bourdieu (1986, 1993) calls “habitus” and “structuring structures” – how is globalisation influencing what we are?
Throughout [...]

Frozen – 10 minutes around midnight (2011)

In the flashing light of the slot machines, pinballs and games the few late night customers stare at their screens, tense, each leaning and pushing against his mechanical companion in the night, lonely.
Just outside the door the wind sweeps papers, polystyrene cups, cardboard boxes with fast food remains.
A drunk staggers off the bus, waves in [...]

Immigration: reality and perception (2010)

The debate on immigration is as heated as ever, but is mainly based on false premises and mistakenly seen as separate from the wider socio-historical context of migration. The reality of data greatly differs from the way the issue is presented by politicians and the media, and perceived by the general [...]

Clockwork eggs (1989)

When men were laying eggs the race started. It never quite ended, for there is no end. One was saying he didn’t care to know; the moment was important, not history. So he sat on the train seat and spat with disdainful nonchalanche, by the suitcase on the floor. The landscape was changing beyond the [...]

Mafia in London (1995)

The guy wouldn’t want to say anything on the telephone, so we arranged to meet at the Caffè Italia in Soho. We were sipping our expressos when a big bloke with a shrunken suit tapped on our shoulders and showed us out with a nod of his bald head. The barman nodded too, meaning that [...]

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