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The headers in the categories:

Debates and Global Politics relate mainly to the MA in Globalisation Ethnicity and Culture I did at Birkbeck University in London (2009-2011)
History and technology is mostly content taken from early lectures on media and communication I was teaching in the 90s.
Old stories in Italian, Stories and articles and Personal experience are what the name suggests.

As for me:

I don’t know if I will come back for a second chance, so I try to do as much and as well as I can in this life.
I started as a musician in the 70s, went on to be a photographer, a video maker, a cultural and media consultant with International Organisations, with specific interest in developing countries and cultural integration.
I ended up working as multimedia designer and producer as well as organiser of art events and performances.
I have been a lecturer, journalist, researcher, antiques scout… and still have infinite curiosity for learning and discovering new things.
I live in London most of the time, but over the years I spent time in remote places learning how to be self sufficient, restore houses with environmentally friendly techniques, be at one with nature.
I have a son and many wonderful friends from all over the world, my home is a crossing point where improbable strands of the network that connects us all intersect.

The RoBat site is a portal to a selection of my multimedia work and projects.

Elsewhere on the web you can find a selection of my music, video and photographic work:

VIDEO video on youtube
VIDEO video on vimeo
PHOTO photographs on flickr
FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/roberto.battista
TWITTER https://twitter.com/RobertoBattista

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