The box and the mouse (2011)

In 1983 I was working at the Food and Agricultural Organisation in Rome, I needed a set of slides for a conference and I wanted them computer generated. After much complaining and claiming I wanted the impossible, the technicians at FAO took three days to produce a few colour slides working at a DEC VAX computer, the cutting edge of technology for those days.
A year later, while working at the International Labour Organisation in Turin, a colleague’s husband came back from SIGGRAPH in California with an odd small beige box and organised an informal demo for a few of us in the audio visual department.

The box was a computer, it had a 9″ B&W screen, a keyboard, a slot for a floppy disc of the 400K kind, and above all a little box with a button connected to the computer via a cable, called mouse.
It was a Macintosh 128K and moving the mouse around a pointer would move on the screen and one could DRAW!!! And type with a choice of fonts and lay-outs!

We were blown away, it was unbelievable, fantastic, a whole world of possibilities had suddenly stepped out of science fiction movies and landed in our hands!

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