First impressions after 9/11 (2001)

September 2001

People in the USA have access to information and education, one would expect them to be able to look at reality with their own eyes, yet the majority seem to believe the most incredible lies their leaders tell them. How could you expect people who have been born in total ignorance and misery to do better than that? They believe what their leaders tell them.
Their leaders tell them that the west is the enemy and the responsible for the desperate situation they live in.

From the beginning of time powers have needed an external enemy to justify their existence and make their people obey. Societies NEED an enemy, that’s too often what keeps them together and what enables whoever is in power to keep the position. As long as people are scared of an external enemy that is threatening to destroy their way of life, they stick together and are willing to fight and die, without questioning.
It is too easy to believe that a group of people, another nation or religious group, is responsible for our problems. It allows us to avoid looking at our own faults.
Highly civilised Germans in the ’30s were made to believe the crisis in their country was the fault of the Jews, and we all know the results. That is only one of countless examples history has to offer. Despite the historical lesson Israel has been applying more or less the same principles to the Palestinians.
Were Germans evil? Are Israeli evil? Are the Palestinian evil?

Reality can be looked at from many angles. From the point of view of people who were born in poor, hopeless and deprived countries it is very difficult to feel sympathy for the Americans and people from western countries in general. If you go to any of these countries and live with the people for a while you may catch a glimpse of the reasons why.
This doesn’t justify killing or terrorism, but it helps understanding the roots of the problem and, possibly, finding real solutions.
Until the day these roots will be eradicated there will be no chance for peace.
We can kill every terrorist on the planet, more will take their place immediately, with even more hatred for those who killed the ones before them.
If the same young person who is trained to become a terrorist in some Arab country were to be born in the States he would probably end up in the Marines, being trained to become a killer of terrorists, a paladin of freedom, or maybe he would become one of the many serial killers, child abusers or drug dealers we too often hear about.
Or maybe he would find a job, buy a house, have children…

As soon as we resort to killing to revenge or defend ourselves we create more reasons and opportunities for more killing and revenge.
This doesn’t mean one should accept and become a victim. It means that as long as the reasons, social, political, economical, that are at the origin of this perverse system aren’t removed there is no retaliation that will work, no forceful solution to the problem.
Making a scarecrow of Islam (or any other generalised group) is wrong. If you get to know Muslim people you soon realise that most are wonderful human beings. Just like most Christians, Jews, Hindi and so on.
Most Muslim people are peaceful, love and respect their family; their ways are just different from ours, we weren’t all made in one factory!
On the other hand there are plenty of “good God-fearing Christians” in civilised western countries who abuse their wives and children, who steal, rape, torture, kill, commit all sort of atrocities; just as many as from any other part of the world, of any religion and culture.

The problem is that we don’t realise how much our lives are conditioned by the choices of a few shrewd people who only care about their power and wealth.
Who profits from wars if not those who produce weapons, those who gain new trades from the defeated countries and new power in the winning ones?
President Kennedy’s assassination and the plot around it should have been enough to hint to the American public that they had very dangerous enemies amidst them. It should have been a sufficient indication of how far economical and political powers can go to achieve their goals.

I don’t know who is behind this latest and most gruesome attack against humankind, but I will find it difficult to believe when someone will be pointed at as the culprit. This is pure speculation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if behind some fanatic mad terrorist who acted as the killing hand there was the cold brain of someone not too far from us, someone with a very respectable public image, someone known as a benefactor. Someone who will remain unknown to us all.

We can justifiably feel horror for the Taliban, what they are doing to their own people is horrific enough. But we should also question why the Taliban is there, who allowed them to gain power. There are many indications pointing to several multinationals, mainly oil companies, who secretly supported the Taliban as it was the most “controllable and predictable” of the groups that could have gained power in Afghanistan. Myth or frightening reality? Whatever it is, wars or indeed terrible acts of terrorism like the one is now in front of our eyes are useful and profitable to some people. It may well be a young crazed Islamic terrorist who ultimately carries out the carnage, but killing any number of these will not remove the problem and avoid similar or worst cases in the future.

We can give a name to some individuals like Saddam Hussein or Gheddafi but we can’t even imagine who makes them possible. Most of these are puppets, extremely dangerous, nevertheless they wouldn’t exist without the support of international capital.
Hitler wouldn’t have been able to do anything without the support of the German industrialists.
Most of the modern wars wouldn’t be waged without the support of those who handle economic powers (and keep their money in respectable Swiss banks), of those who produce weapons, of those who mass market heavy drugs.
Does anybody know how many small but lethal atomic bombs are in the hands of several fanatic terrorist groups? How many have means of producing lethal chemical weapons? How easy it is for these to slip unnoticed and be deployed anywhere anytime?

Ideas like Bush’s “Star Wars” sound so pathetic that it’s hard to believe that anybody in their right mind could take them seriously.
There is a network of very practical and real connections that can explain wars and terrorism. It may be beyond our comprehension, but we can’t be so blind as to accept the stories we are told and support acts that will only make things worst.

As long as “developing countries” are kept underdeveloped through the stranglehold of international debt we will see the situation deteriorating. More and more people will hate us living in the western countries, more and more people will leave those countries, running away from war and starvation, to come and try to be part of the dream we sold them wholesale over the last 50 years: Come to the land of freedom, where your human value is measured in terms of your purchasing power, where you exist only if you consume, buy, own.
The lands where people have forgotten they are mortal, where everything is planned, assured and insured. Nothing left to chance, nothing left to natural course. Powerful man against nature.
Powerful man that feels so vulnerable when the dream shatters like it did Tueday in a matter of minutes and at the cost of so many lives!
Death is present in everyday life in most of the world. In the west we have removed it, we see it enacted in movies, it almost doesn’t touch us, it’s always somewhere else, sanitised and surreal.

The images of the towers collapsing and the chilling sensation of knowing that in that instant thousands of lives were being crushed before of our eyes will remain with us forever. Let it be at least a reason to think and do the little we can to avoid anything like that ever happening again.

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