Paint a picture of connectedness… (2004)

Violence and abuse derive from fear of the different, fear derives from ignorance, remove ignorance and you are step closer to security.

Artists influence society, they don’t have a direct visible and immediate impact but the result of their work has long-term influence and is essential to society’s evolution.

People ignore how similar they are, irrespective of culture and religion. Show them the common points and you are step closer to get people living side by side peacefully.

The main monotheistic religions, Islam, Judaism and Christianity, are at the centre of all conflicts of the modern age, from medieval times to our 21st century. Often the presumed difference and antagonism of these religions had been used to foment people’s hatred and led to unimaginable atrocities. Ironically the three religions are extremely similar and close in all the fundamental principles. Show people the similarities instead of the differences and you are a step closer to peaceful integration.

Any substantial cultural change takes generations. No plan can work least it considers the evolution of society over the span of generations.

Fundamentalism is the root of blind destruction and perennial insecurity and despair.
Fundamentalism is identical in all religions and cultures; it is a dumb literal interpretation of metaphorical texts.
Fundamentalisms of different colours and denominations need each other to justify their existence, and they need people kept in ignorance and fear to establish themselves and spread.
Fundamentalism thrives in the crowd and works well with the masses, where even the most sensible individual can easily be turned into a blind unstoppable killing machine.
Fundamentalism animates the mob. Totalitarian governments need terror to justify their actions. Democratic governments can profit from terror to justify actions that otherwise would be unacceptable for a democratic society.

People driven to desperation become capable of unthinkable cruelty.
Remove the causes of desperation and you are a step closer to removing terrorism.

Fragmentation brings incoherence. Actions intended to solve one problem while ignoring the context are deemed to fail or have very limited effect.
In a world that has truly become global and interconnected only contextual actions can succeed and produce lasting positive results.

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